I have been involved with the media for over 23 years now, having first “gotten the bug” listening to Tony Blackburn’s top 40 on the BBC on Sunday afternoons. “I was always fascinated at how a person could be in a room in London and be heard talking in every home in the UK”. I have two young sons and have lived in Warrenpoint for the last 35 years  and have been involved in the entertainment scene from day one, covering every aspect of media and the leisure industry.



Having held various posts in some of the Republic of Ireland’s premier radio stations. (The development of local radio in Northern Ireland is at a relatively new and ongoing stage). My career has gone from programme production, presentation and editing, to station management and was the sole driving force behind the RSL broadcast in 2000, bringing Newry and Mourne on line for a full time commercial radio service.



I also have a successful artiste promotions agency and  a thriving business manufacturing professional very high power compact loudspeaker enclosures for public address sound reinforcement and am qualified in business management and start up.



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