I guess it all started in around 1978. I was still in high school and attended the local 'hops' and I was so impressed with the whole disco thing.... from the huge sound systems, the sophisticated 70s lighting systems  and the power over the crowds that the DJ fellow seemed to naturally acquire. It progresses from there buying and making bits of equipment to try and make up some kind of show. I remember very well on many occasions exploding lights and amplifiers in the local town hall !  Much streaming audio has passed by since then along with the demise of vinyl records, cassettes and a host of other reliable things  !  I guess you could say I have it just about right,  now ... with the best equipment money can buy, reliability being a major concern of mine .........

La vie a été une expérience d'étude musicale
"Radio would be my number 1 audio love ! The days of the old pirates along the border were the best times I ever had. I love working in radio, its my pleasure ."

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